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So you want a Basset Hound

The Basset Hound requires an owner who can be the boss, gently but firmly explaining the rules of the house, and making sure they are enforced even when you are given the sad forlorn look!!!!! Bassets are so clever with this look....but its best not to give in.....not even once.....

Fully grown they are a big dog on short legs, heavy-boned and will require a moderate amount of exercise whatever the weather. They enjoy company and will become very unhappy if left for long periods of time.

When looking to purchase a puppy, go to a reputable breeder, it is important to find a puppy with a good temperament and in a healthy, happy condition. Do not buy a puppy if it looks sick, or undernourished, overly frightened or nervous. The mother should always be available to be seen. Make sure she is in good health, if in doubt, walk away and find another breeder.

The breeder should also always be relied on for any help and advice you may require, and offer to accept a puppy back should your circumstances change and you can no longer keep the puppy. You should also be given a Pedigree, Kennel Club registration papers, a contract of sale, most breeders give 6 weeks insurance, food, worming certificate to name a few.

A breeder should also ask you several questions, to ensure you are suitable to own one of their Basset Hounds, for example, do you work full-time, can you offer a safe, escape proof garden, do you have the time to put into training your puppy, and the general care and life time commitment to owning a dog.

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