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Flowers of Sulphur............A Powder for Skin Conditions....

I have found a brilliant product to use on skin conditions..........I first sought it out as my mum-in-law has a Basset with a skin condition, she has spent hundreds of pounds at the vets trying to get it sorted, but none of the lotions and potions have worked.....anyway, I looked into FLOWERS OF SULPHUR some for her and tried it for a short time, and her skin has completely healed, immediately it stopped the itching, and now all the sore red patches have doubt they will come back again but can be easily treated with this powder. I also suffer from psoriasis and I have been using it on myself and its brilliant.......the improvement is unbelievable......
Flowers of Sulphur:    A bright yellow powder obtained from natural deposits of the mineral.
Dogs: Brilliant for all skin rashes, mange, flea allergies. Appears to keep fleas away.
Horses: . A small amount used daily can help with itchy skin conditions and also when mixed with udder cream or lard or similar helps in mudfever conditions and mite infestations. It is Antiseptic & antifungal. It kills Lice. It is good for Sweet Itch.
Gardeners:  Dust flower bulbs to prevent rot.   Fine grade sulphur powder for rapid soil pH correction.
Homeopathy: A remedy for : Skin disorders : Dermatitis; eczema; psoriasis; dry, flaky, itchy skin or scalp. It is used for killing bacteria on the skin.
Arthritis: Used in many arthritis preparations. It actually is a human remedy for
hair re-growth as well. 

Another way to administer Flowers of sulphur on wet eczema is to mix with lard.  If the dog has wet eczema, thoroughly clean the area and dry off, removing all matted fur and make sure the area is really clean.......Get a piece of cooking lard,(the old type in a block, very cheap)and mix some flowers powder into the lard, making like yellow paste. Do this quickly as the lard will melt. Place the paste/lard directly onto the affected area and rub in as it is dissolving. You will see that it is absorbed through the skin immediately and this is where it acts so well, because it cools the blood. Usually eczema shows up on the neck and down the back, from the croup and down the blood lines.
Same with the neck, from the back of the ears down. where the main blood vessels run. Wet eczema sometimes appears with stress but I have found that by applying flowers of sulphur, it reacts really well and helps the dog to feel more comfortable. The dog will end up with dry bald patches where the eczema had been but the fur will grow back.

Apply to dogs with a powder puff in all the skin folds and anywhere with red patches, and the same if using on your own skin. I also use a cream version to treat my psoriasis, with brilliant results, so if any of you try it I hope its as successful for you as it has been for me......and I would really appreciate your views on how it has worked for you if you do give it a try........

Flowers of Sulphur Powder is available to purchase in our shop.

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